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How to whiten grout

How to whiten grout

Tile grouts decolor over time. This is normal and happens in every house. Did you know you can easily prevent this from happening? With a few simple tips & tricks, you can make and keep the grouts white. This will give your bathroom a fresh and new look.

How do discolored grouts arise?

Discolored grouts look grubby soon. Though, eventually, they discolor in every home. The most common causes are:

  • Porous grouts
  • Mold
  • Damp
  • The usage of aggressive cleaning products like bleach
  • Heat
  • Chalk
  • Grease (this happens a lot in the kitchen)

White grouts are sensitive to discoloration especially. Cleaning products like bleach can leave yellow tarnish. You can make your joins white again in no time!

Cleaning the grouts

To make the grout white again, you have to clean them in the right way first. This will make them look nicer instantly. Make sure you don’t use aggressive cleaning products, in this way you will damage the grout. Don’t use bleach or mold cleaner. You can use the following products:

  • Green soap
  • Bathroom cleaner without soap
  • Baking soda to remove soap scum after cleaning

Green soap and bathroom cleaner are both mild products so that you won’t damage the grouts. After cleaning, you can remove the soap scum using baking soda. You can use these substances to clean the grouts weekly. This is also a nice thing to do before you start painting. You can also use a professional grout cleaning product called Brixor. The product does both contain a coating and a cleaner: these are a cleaner and a maintenance cleaner. You use the first one for the preparation phase and the second one to keep the grouts white for a long time.

Repairing porous grouts

Damp and aggressive cleaning products can make your grouts porous. If you take a closer look, you might see some holes in the grouts. Sometimes, bigger holes arise. There are some products you can use to make the grouts white and fill them at the same time. You don’t need to be a handyman for this. The all-in-one product from Brixor helps you with repairing, painting, and keeping the grouts fresh and white!

Painting grouts

Whitening old grouts works best when applying a coating layer. Deep cleaning works too but it won’t bring the original color back. Are the grouts porous too? The changes are big that dirt and mold will arise fast. You can prevent this by applying a coating layer. This is made easy by Brixor: with Brixor you paint your grouts the preferred color. A set includes a coating plus application tools. You apply the coating yourself.

5 Tips to keep the grouts white

Bright and white grouts? Of course, you want to keep them that way! There are several tips and tricks to do so. Oftentimes, people use the wrong products or don’t clean them often enough. This will make your grouts look dingy. Use our tips to see how to brighten your bathroom grouts.

Tip 1: Properly ventilate the room

Damp is an important cause when it comes to discolored grouts. One of the things that help to prevent this is proper ventilation. Open your bathroom doors during the daytime if possible. Ventilate when needed using a mechanical fan. Such a fan removes a lot of moisture and dirt from the room.

Tip 2: Heat your bathroom sufficiently

Put on the heating as it helps with evaporating the moisture in the room during winter. This is a good addition to ventilating the bathroom. The same goes for other rooms: limit moisture by properly ventilating and heating the room. Though, don’t exaggerate. A low temperature will do.

Tip 3: Use a maintenance cleaner

Use a maintenance cleaner to keep the grouts white. A product like this will clean the grouts without damaging them. This is the best solution when you want to keep the grouts white.

Tip 4: Dry the shower after usage

Do you have a tiled shower? Use a window wiper or old towel to dry the tiles after using the shower. By doing this, you prevent mold and chalk to arise.

Tip 5: Clean weekly using green soap

When keeping the grouts white, two things are important. Clean them weekly and do this using a mild cleaning product. This will prevent the grouts from becoming porous in the long run. You can always use green soap as it doesn’t damage the grout and it doesn’t give off bad smells. Remove the soap using water after the cleaning session. After rinsing, you dry the tiles and you are good to go!