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Renovate your bathroom

Renovate your bathroom

Refreshing your bathroom might be cheaper than you think. Worn tiles, dirty grouts, or old taps can give your bathroom a dated look. For sure, it’s possible to renovate your bathroom at low costs. Just a splash of paint, a new mirror, clean grouts and some new accessories. You won’t recognize your old bathroom anymore! But how does this work? Follow the step-by- step plan below (including tips) to refurbish your bathroom cost-friendly.

Determine the budget for the renovation of your bathroom

The process starts with determining your budget for the renovation of the bathroom. You have to consider what things are you want to change. The most important question is: what things bother me most? Take a proper look at your current bathroom and see which (small) changes you can make. The next step is to allocate a budget. For instance, think about the following things:

  • Cleaning and refurbishing grouts (cleaner, coating)
  • New bathroom furniture (drawer, towels, medicines, etc)
  • Paint and painting tools (brushes, tape, primer)
  • New sanitary facilities (new taps, lighting, and other tools)

Pay attention to every detail to make sure you won’t encounter new inconveniences after the renovation.

Make a plan

Whether you are a professional handyman or not: well begun is half done. This is why you need to make a roadmap that tells you what needs to be done and in which order. This can look as follows:

  • Do you want to paint your bathroom? Firstly remove the mold from the walls and fix other damages
  • The painting of untiled walls
  • Freshen up grouts
  • Replace sealant seams
  • The placement of bathroom accessories such as a drawer or lights

Of course, you can switch up the order: this fully depends on your wishes. Though, we advise starting with painting and freshening up the grouts as these are the things that make the most noise.

7 Tips to renovate your bathroom at low cost

Here we’ll provide you with 7 tips for a budget-friendly renovation. These are mostly things you can do yourself. Good luck!

1. Repair the paving grouts of your bathroom

When your bathroom grouts are discolored or contaminated they might give an old- fashioned look. When you repair your bathroom grouts, you’ll give your bathroom a whole new look. To do this, you have to clean the grouts and color them in their original color. Brixor is a professional brand that delivers a complete set that you can use for repairing, coloring, and renovating the grouts. The set contains a coating, a cleaning product, and a maintenance product. This set contains everything you need which makes it a very convenient option.

2. Recolor the paving grouts of your bathroom

Whether they are worn-out or not: it could be the case that you don’t fancy the color of the paving grouts. Don’t worry! You can easily recolor them. Our all-in-one package contains a paving grouts coating in every color possible. Additionally, our Brixor set contains all the supplies you need to apply the coating. The only thing you have to do is to choose the right color.

3. Replace the rubber of your bathroom

In addition to paving grouts, your bathroom has rubber, these wear out over time. They might change color which gives your bathroom a dingy look. Does it seem like you can’t get them clean anymore? Remove them and apply a new layer. This gives your bathroom a whole new and fresh look. It’s smart to replace the rubbers when you decide to clean and renovate the paving grouts: new paving grouts with nasty-looking rubber aren’t charming!

4. Replace the shower head and cranes

By replacing the showerhead and cranes, your bathroom will look new! Always make sure they meet your needs when it comes to the looks, feel, and usability. For example, a rain shower looks very stylish but is expensive too. When choosing a new crane, it’s important to take sustainability into account: it has to be solid and last for a while. Make sure to compare some of the options available to make a well-considered decision.

5. Place a mirror with lighting

Shaving, doing your make-up or hair is easier when you have a mirror with lights behind them. Adding lights to your mirror is one way to upgrade your bathroom. This is not only convenient but also gives your bathroom a more luxurious look. Consider if you want to upgrade your mirror when making your planning.

6. Go for a luxurious look

Renovating your bathroom at a low cost but still having that stylish look? It IS possible. In particular, the cranes and showerheads play a huge part in this. Besides, a new drawer can make a lot of difference. This also doesn’t have to be expensive. These things will create a more luxurious feeling:

  • Accessories
  • A stylish bathroom mat
  • New towels
  • Fragrance sticks
  • A mirror with lights

Creating the spa feeling at home? Roll up your towels and place them on baskets.

7. Painting the walls without tiles

Every bathroom has a spot that misses tiles. When renovating your bathroom, it might be smart to take a closer look at this: is it clean still, and are you satisfied with the color? Painting your bathroom can fully change its appearance and is cost-friendly. Take the following things into consideration:

  • Buy the right kind of paint: it shall withstand moisture
  • Painting might make some noise: take this into consideration
  • Start well-prepared: clean the walls before painting them
  • Before you start painting, tape the edges and turn off the power

We advise you to paint your bathroom at the start of the renovation as it takes some preparation.

Easily renovating your bathroom at low cost

We provided you with tips to renovate your bathroom. These are just tips and you don’t have to do them all at once. Most of the things you van even do yourself!